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7 Results

Men’s Leggings, Tights & Jogger Pants by Under Armour Malaysia

A lightweight and breathable pair makes the cut for performance, which is exactly where Under Armour’s range of men’s compression tights and jogger pants come in.

Work Your Hardest

If you’re not pushing yourself harder every time you exercise, you’re probably not going to hit your next personal best. Take yourself further and faster than ever before with our moisture-wicking men’s compression leggings and jogger pants that are so comfortable you may forget you’re even wearing them!

Keep Your Cool

What’s not fun? Being fully focused mid-workout and working up a nice sweat only to have to pull back due to chafing or discomfort due to your body heat. Made with HeatGear® fabric, our men’s jogger pants and compression tights keep everything nice and cool down there so you can go the distance and beyond every time.

You—Better, Faster, Stronger

Under Armour running tights, leggings, cycling tights & compression pants for men combine breathability & performance.

With strategic ventilation, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, heat gear and coolswitch technology UA's training tights make your workout almost effortless.