Men's UA RECOVER™ Sleepwear Henley

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Height: Size: Fit: Fitted
Men's Athlete Recovery Sleepwear™ Henley

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Product DNA

Recover faster, get better faster. The mineral-infused fabric in this pajama shirt for men takes energy you give off all the time and reflects it back into your muscles, so you feel less fatigued and muscles recover faster.
  • Fitted: Next-to-skin without the squeeze
  • We've created an advanced sleep system for better rest & recovery
  • The mineral-lined fabric returns infrared energy to your body to restore your muscles faster
  • Soft knit fabric is lightweight & comfortable
  • 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Raglan ¾ sleeves and shaped hem
  • Powered by Celliant
  • Style #: 1329518
  • 75% Polyester/19% Rayon/6% Elastane
  • Imported
  • 75% Polyester/19% Modal/6% Elastane
  • Imported

  • 1

    Your body gives off energy while you recover.

  • 2

    Mineral-infused fabric reflects that energy
    back into your tissues and muscles.

  • 3

    Blood flow increases, reducing muscle
    fatigue and speeding up recovery.

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Recover sleepwear

I don’t know how anyone wears this. It traps all your heat and becomes very hot and sweaty. maybe that’s part of the technology but I returned all three pieces. Henley, shorts and joggers. I also bought small men’s as women’s is not available. And women’s colors are terrible.

soft, great fit and comfort.

love the look and fit. feels great for sleeping but absolutely amazing for outdoor wear too. bought 1 the first time and got another 3. XS for my lean 1.7m frame. just wishing the collar has a little bit more structure. if only there are more colours available. recovery works well also.

The best sleepwear i ever worn

It’s extremely comfortable ! I bought it extra large so it’s loose which i like it. The material felt not too cold not too warm. It’s just nice. It’s kinda hard to explain, this particular sleepwear you have to try it to believe it. Highly recommended

  • It’s mine

Great for sleeping

It's very light and comfortable and I hardly know that it's on. Easy to sleep in. On the recovery side, that might be harder to determine. But I like it and will plan to use it regularly. My body has felt great using Rush ColdGear top and leggings for running. And then sleeping in this at night for added recovery. I would recommend it. FYI, I'm 5'11 and 165 and purchase a M for the top (40 in chest) and L for the bottom.

Keep these shirts coming

Easily my favorite shirt to wear. I'd love them even more if they came out with more colors

Comfortable and durable over years

These are light and comfortable enough to wear all year, and have held up well after 2 years. I feel noticeably less sore after using them, especially after more intense lifts and runs. They don't make much difference on days you're just lounging around, but are must-haves if you're active.

Love it

Life changing. Keeps your body at the perfect temperature, no matter how hot or cold your room is.

Great Recovery/Sleep

Pros: - Extremely comfortable - Did not feel like I overheated or sweated during sleep - I felt as if I had better, soundless sleep Cons: - Pricing is a little high, but the technology is to help you recover faster. - I feel that the packaging is unnecessary and a little to extravagant. Making a more simplistic package could reduce costs.

Really recommend to wear this to bed!

I really love the comfy this product has given me. I wear this to bed and found that I have a very long and good sleep quality. Wait for my muscles to grow more and I will come back for more detail!

It works

I was skeptical. I read Brady's book and gave these a try. I hate wasting money, but he was pretty convincing. I have to say, I just places another order. These pajamas actually do speed recovery and they are ridiculously comfortable. Big test was last Wednesday I had a major workout, went to bed wear my whole body was sore, woke up the next pain, no soreness. Granted, you till have to hydrate, but it did speed recovery and my body is less prone to pain