Dominate 24OZ Vacuum Ins Fli

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Height: Size: Fit: One Size Fits All
Dominate 24OZ Vacuum Ins Fli

Product DNA

We made this for times when you fill your water bottle hours before you need it. It keeps your drink cold and it's designed to not leak inside your bag.
  • Vacuum-insulated for maximum temperature retention—keeps beverages cold for 12 hours
  • Stainless steel interior & exterior
  • Locking flip-top lid with one-Hand push-button operation
  • Soft-touch silicone grip
  • Flip-up carrying loop
  • Leak-resistant lid
  • BPA Free
  • Manufactured by Thermos®, exclusive licensee of Under Armour®
  • Capacity: 24 oz.
  • Imported

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Love it but cant keep it clean

I love this water bottle, i have two and plan to get another cause of lid broke. I have the biggest problem with a build-up of like blackish grey plaque on the rubber sealer. I wash it in the dishwasher almost every week but i still get the build-up. Anyone else get this and have a tip??

The thermal cup is great and lid needs improvement

This is one of the best thermal containers. It keeps everything cold. But, the lid needs to be improved. Better quality plastic is seriously needed. I have four of these and two of the lids are busted because I dropped the container and it cracked all over the floor and the other has a big hunk out of it after I dropped it accidentally on the floor. My UA container is coveted but it will need to go to the bin if I have to keep replacing lids. We are always boating and this won’t work for that anymore because of the lid. I have tried to call multiple times.

Flip Top replacement

Received this product as a staff gift from the UM Athletics several years ago. I have used it practically every day since then; I take it everywhere. I have had problems with the fliptop though. I read the reviews here several weeks ago and learned that I should contact the Thermos company for replacement fliptops. I contacted them, and received a callback within a couple of days. I requested 2 replacement fliptops which they shipped out immediately. I received them within 2 days, at no charge to me. I love my water bottle, dents and all. It works and keeps me hydrated. This is a solid product like most, if not all UA products. Thanks!!

Weird Loop Thingy

I really love how well this works. At first I couldn't figure out how to pop the lid open since I kept pressing the button and nothing happened. It wasn't until I examined it closely and realized the flip up ring was locked over the button to keep the lid from popping up. It is a nice feature, but I'd like to see an obvious finger grove to aid in pulling that ring forward. My drink stays cool for hours and what really rocks is I it fits in my Highlander cup holder. My only gripe is the Weird Loop Thingy that is supposed to be a carrying loop. There should be a picture of it in your product description along with an explanation of WHY! Why was that design chosen over a simple loop? You can't carry it for long inside that thing because the two prongs press against your finger. Maybe put a D ring or paracord through it and carry it that way?? I was able to clip it onto a ring on my lunch bag which was awkward to carry that way and not easy to unclip to set my bag down.

Great water bottle

Keeps in very cold and perfect size that fits size of back pack

Bottle arrived with dents top and bottom, was package properly

I tried to respond with an email which never went thur. Kept the bottle because the heat has been toot and I need cool water.


It is bigger than I thought, but the materials look and feel top quality. The price is high but it is totally worth it because the design is nice and functional as well as resistant

need a better lid design and quality

I love the UA dominate 24 oz bottle,but the lids keep breaking. UA needs to either get a new design or offer replacements lids only, so we can order just the lid. I have had several of these and every one ends up the same. The lid breaks. Also, not sure why they went with a split holder as it hurts the fingers to carry it. It needs to be like the earlier designs, just a solid circle. Just my humble opinion.

Been using this bottle straight for 2 years, got a new one and- IT CHANGED

These bottles are excellent, I have the 16 and 24, use the 24 oz for hiking, biking, kayak, boating, at work and so on. Finally after 2 years of constant use and some good dents my son bought me a new one, and you changed the hook, it is now a split hook that is not strong enough for 24 oz's of water and ice. I used to be able to clip this to a backpack or belt but now cannot, not sure what the split hook is supposed to do, but it doesn't hold water, or hang on your finger when your hands are full, PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!! Sincerely, Tim Seattle WA

Poor lid

Our family loves this water bottle, but we have been through multiple bottles, due to the lid breaking. This is the 3rd one that has fell and the lid broke right off. This water bottle should be better quality since it is higher priced.